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How does it work?

1. Once you've created your YouniQ account, our Al model will scrap your inbox looking for commercial emails. It will move all your newsletters from your inbox to the app while ignoring private emails!
That's a free clean up 🤩

2. It will automatically start to place your brands into their product/service category:
Some good organisation 🤓

3. Don't worry, Your emails don't get lost in translation: if you need to, you can always find them in the YouniQ/Main folder automatically created in your inbox 📥


But why does YouniQ needs these requirements to function correctly?

No need to worry, what our AI model does is simple:

1. It needs to view your emails to understand if they are public or private, discarding private emails 🚫

2. It needs to create folders in your inbox, in order to move your emails from your main inbox to the app 📁

3. It needs to read your public emails in order to determine if they are generic newsletters, offers or receipts 🗂

Bottom Line:
YouniQ guarantees to
never read your private emails, and to never send emails on your behalf

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